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Introduction to Seaford

The original settlers of Seaford were the Marsapeaques, a Native American Indian tribe. They named the area "Great Water Land".

With the arrival of Captain John Seaman, a native of Seaford, England,  Jerusalem South was created which was eventually to become Seaford and also commonly referred to as Seaman's Neck.

During the 19th century as villages across Long Island began to flourish due to the creation of the Long Island Rail Road, Jerusalem South seemed unaffected.  In 1868,  the town was renamed to its current name of Seaford, to honor Captain Seaman's home town in England.  During this time, Seaford remained an agriculturally developed area. Eventually, the town acquired a post office, a church, and a single-room school, which would later become the first Seaford Fire Department building.  Today this building houses the Seaford Historical Museum.

When Sunrise Highway was established in 1929, Seaford began to see an influx of inhabitants. Before 1929, Seaford had approximately 1,200 citizens; within 25 years this number tripled.

Seaford became popular for hunting and fishing and so came the development of two hotels along Merrick Road –  the Sportsman's Hotel and the Powell Hotel.  Many celebrities visited the hotels including New York Yankees Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, as well as brewery owner Jake Rupert.

For more information on the community and its events, contact the Seaford Chamber of Commerce:

P.O. Box 1634

Seaford, NY  11783

516 308-4948

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