Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Introduction to Garden City

Garden City was once a significant portion of the expansive Hempstead Plains. This land became available for sale in 1867, giving Charles Harvey the opportunity to purchase the land for $42 an acre. Alexander T. Stewart also had plans for the Hempstead land, bidding $55 per acre in the hopes of creating his dream, a planned community. Although Harvey ultimately outbid Stewart by raising his offer to $56, his plans for the land remained secretive, causing rumors to spread that he intended to build a cemetery or jail. Hempstead residents voted 1,077 to 52 in favor of accepting Stewart’s bid regardless of the dollar loss per acre because of his ambition to create one of the nation’s first planned communities.

Stewart decided to name his community “Garden City” after Chicago’s informal nickname. The legacy of the name, however, came about after Stewart died and the Garden City Corp. took control of its growth. Stewart had insisted on solely renting to residents in order to maintain control of his community which had deterred families from settling. Garden City Corp. remodeled the Garden City Hotel, encouraged the sale of homes and filled the cold, vacant lots left by Mr. Stewart.

In 1910, property sales were low, causing them to open up land to the Doubleday, Page&Co. industry. The cornerstone laying for the new facility garnered the attention of former President Theodore Roosevelt. Garden City soon became the center for many historic events. During the Spanish-American War and World War II, remaining campgrounds on the Hempstead Plains were used by the army, bringing many people into the area and to the Garden City Hotel. Prior to his flight to Paris, Charles Lindbergh was also a guest at the famed hotel.

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Hannon Joins Adelphi in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness
Senator Hannon joins with the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program in their October breast cancer awareness program to encourage women to get mammograms. The Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program is always available to inform residents where to get mammograms and to receive important emotional support.

Senate Passes Legislation To Reinstate STAR Rebate Checks
S.7447 would restore the STAR property tax rebate check program. The bill would provide $202 million in property tax relief to senior citizens in the 2012-13 school year and $1.2 billion in property tax relief to middle class families starting in 2013-14.

2012 College Affordability Program
The 2012 College Affordability Plan will achieve the following objectives: Lowering the cost of a higher education for middle class families and students, encouraging young New Yorkers to stay and begin their careers here at home in the Empire State; and reducing overall higher education expenditures by encouraging students to graduate in a timely fashion.

2012 College Affordability Plan Passed By Senate
SENATE PASSES COLLEGE AFFORDABILITY PLAN Making College Affordable for Middle Class Families Through Increased Tuition Tax Breaks, Lower Student Loan Interest Rates, Tuition Pre-payment and Truth-in-Lending for Student Loans

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Photo Gallery

Sen. Kemp Hannon met with the Garden City High School girls Class B New York State Lacrosse championship team at the high school. He gave each woman a New York State Senate citation. Posing with the team in center, L-R Kerin Boghosian, Assistant Coach, Sen. Hannon and Diane Chapman, Varsity Lacrosse Coach.

Sen. Kemp Hannon sponsored the annual Senior Health Expo at the St. Paul's Field House, Garden City. This annual event features free flu vaccinations and pneumonia shots. Also featured are cardiovascular screening, NUMC Mammography van, memory screening, postural and spinal screening, blood pressure and body mass index testing, video otoscopy, balance screening, fall prevention, oral dental screening and cholesterol & diabetes screening, and Metrocard processing.

Sen. Kemp Hannon met with Caitlin Etienne, 18,(fifth from left) a Garden City High School student who is a SUNY Maritime Scholarship Winner. Sen. Hannon presented her with a New York State flag. The Etienne family posed L-R Annaliese 13, Devon, 12, Brianne 16, Tomothy (father) Caitlin 18, Sen. Hannon and Sharmaine. (mother)

Sen. Kemp Hannon Best In Town Photo Contest, Levittown Library.

Senator Kemp Hannon presented the Youth Leadership Awards at the Uniondale Library.

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