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Introduction to Franklin Square

The town now known as Franklin Square emerged around a hotel built by Louis Schroeher in 1852. As a result of this investment in the previous grazing area known as the Hempstead Plains, came an influx of German settlers and travelers on the Hempstead-Jamaica Turnpike. The hotel became a center of society and even held elections in 1881. Franklin Square was cultivated by these settlers as farm land until the real estate boom made it one of the fastest growing towns in the 1940s. The origin of Franklin Square’s name is a present mystery to historians.

For more information on the history of Franklin Square, contact the Franklin Square Historical Society:

Museum at John St. School, Nassau Blvd.
PO Box 45
Franklin Square, NY 11010

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2017 Ought to be a law winner.

Senator Kemp Hannon presented the Youth Leadership Awards at the Uniondale Library.

Sen. Kemp Hannon attended opening day ceremonies for the Franklin Square Little League.

Sen. Kemp hannon visited the Franklin Square Historical Society building, currently undergoing construction

Senator Hannon spends the day in Franklin Square speaking to the community.

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