Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Governor Signs Hannon Bill into law to Aid Uniondale School District



“On May 17th of this year, a home invasion took place across the street from the California Avenue School, which tragically resulted in the death of a Hofstra Student,” said Senator Kemp Hannon (R-Nassau).  “As a result, the school was forced to close for the entire day, as it became part of the crime scene.  Due to Superstorm Sandy, the District had already used up all of its snow days and was unable to complete the state requirement for the academic calendar year.”


State law requires elementary school districts to be in session for 180 days during the 2012-13 school year.  The California Avenue School, despite the disruptions caused by Superstorm Sandy, was set to meet this requirement until the home invasion and subsequent police investigation forced the school to close for the day of May 17, 2013, which resulted in that one school only being open for 179 days. 


“While the law is clear, it would be unfair to penalize the Uniondale School District for failing to meet the 180 day requirement since the closure on May 17 was due to no fault of the school district,” said Hannon.  “My bill, which the Governor has now signed into law, directs the Commissioner of Education to pay the Uniondale School District the full amount of state reimbursement to the district, and ensures they are not penalized for failing to meet the 180 day requirement.”

The legislation ensures the District will receive an additional $146,443 in State assistance.

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Garden City, NY 11530
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