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NY Gas Gouging Hotline and Complaint Form

NY Gas Gouging Hotline and Complaint Form


With gas prices again steadily rising, and consumers concerned over potential gas gouging, New York is stepping up enforcement against potential unfair practices at the state’s gas stations.


The state has launched a toll-free hotline and website for New Yorkers to report suspected price gouging at gas stations. If you suspect gas gauging at any station, go to: to fill out a complaint form.   You can also call: (800) 214-4372, which is a dedicated toll-free hotline providing information on how to report suspected gouging activity.


According to AAA, gas prices in the Long Island/New York metro area averaged $4.09 a gallon Thursday, up from $3.80 a month ago.


Gas prices in New York increased 5.6 percent between Jan. 2 and last week.  Over the past week, the national average retail price rose nearly 13 cents a gallon, or by 3.5 percent.  The increase was less in New York, where it went up 5 cents a gallon, or 1.3 percent.


For additional ways to avoid unfair practices at the gas pump and to save money on fuel, visit the NYS Division of Consumer Protection website here:

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