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6th District New York
LIPA Customers Can Seek Billing Adjustments for Lost Power

LIPA Customers Can Seek Billing Adjustments for Lost Power


Most Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) customers received bills recently with “normal monthly charges,” despite the fact that many had lost power for as much as two weeks or more.  LIPA states that all customers are being billed “based on the estimated reading of (their) energy use from the same month as the year before.”


I have spoken to LIPA directly, and they have advised me that customers can immediately seek a correction in their bills if they were without power for any periods of time by reading their own meters, and LIPA will reduce their current billing to reflect the actual charges as opposed to an estimated meter reading.


Customers can call LIPA’s billing phone number at 1-800-490-0025 and give their actual meter readings to LIPA.  LIPA will then adjust their billing accordingly.


Customers who have paid for power they did not receive will not receive a refund, but their next bill will reflect the adjustment.  Those who have not paid their bills yet can read their meters to LIPA, for a possible adjustment and revised billing statement.


LIPA states that because of Super Storm Sandy, all LIPA and National Grid employees who normally take meter readings were reassigned, resulting in the ‘estimated’ bills their customers just received.  By providing their own meter readings to LIPA now, customers may be able to adjust their current billing statements.  Those who are unable to do so will receive an adjusted statement once LIPA is able to provide an actual meter reading.

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