Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
2012 College Affordability Program

The costs of college tuitions have increased well beyond the rate of inflation, income and health care costs, and it is estimated that by 2016, the average cost of a public college will have more than doubled in 15 years.  The amount of student debt is now more than one trillion dollars, surpassing the amount owed on credit cards and auto loans.


Thatís why Iím working to ensure that rapidly escalating tuition costs donít place the dreams of an outstanding higher education out-of-reach for hardworking families on Long Island.  I also want to ensure that New Yorkís  young  graduates can better manage their finances when they leave college and begin their careers.

Thatís why I was pleased to unveil a new 2012 College Affordability Plan that will achieve the following objectives:


Lowering the cost of a higher education for middle class families and students;


Encouraging young New Yorkers to stay and begin their careers here at home in the Empire State; and


Reducing overall higher education expenditures by encouraging students to graduate in a timely fashion.

To read more about the 2012 College Affordability Plan, click here, or contact my office at 516-739-1700.

My plan would help parents cope with the sticker shock that often comes with paying for college, while also helping our students remain in New York so they can contribute to a brighter, stronger future for our state.

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