Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
Every Penny Counts At the Pump - A Few Helpful Ways to Save Money on Gas

As Long Island gas prices skyrocket, motorists are struggling to save money at the pump.  That's why Senator Hannon is offering the following tips that can help you save some cash.
The only indisputable way to save money on fuel is not to use it.  Although it is unrealistic for many people to eliminate driving from their daily routine, there are many corners that could be cut to keep your fuel use to a minimum.  Using an alternate form of transportation like riding a bike, walking, or taking a public bus or train could save you money on gas.

Keeping your vehicle maintained helps you save.  If your car is in great mechanical condition, it will get more mileage per gallon.  Deflated tires and a poorly tuned engine could lose you a mile per gallon of gas.
Before you go on long car rides or plan your daily trips to the grocery store, make sure you map out your driving.  Planning the quickest and most direct routes helps you save both time and money.
Driving your car in a fuel-efficient way can also help you cut corners with spending.  Gradually increasing and decreasing your speeds can save you gas mileage.  Also, using your cruise control setting while driving on a highway can also help you save. 
Choosing alternative ways of shopping is a convenient way of eliminating driving.  If you have the ability to buy groceries and products online instead of driving to a store to purchase them, you are saving on gas money.  Today we are privileged with the convenience of having most items available for online purchase.
If you must drive, what's the smartest way to save? Locating the cheapest gas station in your area. To find the most inexpensive gas prices near you, visit

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