Senator Kemp Hannon
6th District New York
CAPS Partners with Hannon to Prevent Cyber-Bullying on Long Island

It’s become the focus of our communities: the dangers of cyber-bullying.
Albany is now faced with the task of defining and preventing this dangerous online behavior. 

“New York State needs a statute on cyber-bullying,” said Alane Fagin, Executive Director of Children Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS). “Legislation will be a tremendous help to our schools in terms of education, intervention and prevention,” Fagin continued.

CAPS has recently partnered with Senator Kemp Hannon to spread cyber-bullying awareness, following Hannon’s proposed legislation in March which prohibits cyber-bullying and bullying on school property, and establishes a statewide central registry for cyber-bullying, bullying and hazing complaints. 

“I recently had a concerned grandmother write to me, thanking me for proposing the legislation because her granddaughter is continually bullied at school,” said Senator Hannon. “It’s those letters that make my commitment to this bill that much stronger, and should make the necessity of passing this legislation that much more evident,” said Hannon.  

Both CAPS and Senator Hannon recommend education as a key step towards cyber-bullying awareness and prevention. “We offer CyberSmartz and SurfSafe as two effective workshops to educate students on all aspects of cyber-bullying and using responsible behavior while managing the Internet and other digital technologies,” said Fagin.

For more information on CAPS’ educational workshops regarding cyber-bullying, visit .

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